email alias explanied



Another perk in being a part of this elite group is that you now have an email address for life.


We have set up an “alias” for you.  This is an email address that will forward to whatever private or business email address(s) you decide/specify.  You will “own” this and will follow you wherever you go.


  • You know how sometimes you switch company and you need to tell everyone your new email address?  Well, from now on you just have to tell us, we change the forwarding on our server, and the emails will be forwarded to your new email address(s).

  • This can offer you a level of privacy.  Say if you work for Monsanto and you are ashamed of it (and you should be), you can just use the email and nobody will know it goes to a email account.

  • You can also have it forward to multiple email addresses.  For example, can go to AND AND

  • The standardized naming protocol:

[first] [.] [surname] @

is also good for the fact that you no longer have to remember other brothers’ email addresses as long as you know their names.  For example, to send an email to Jacky Ng, it is obvious,  No need to look it up.


Well, you get the idea....







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