Read me first please......

what this forum is all about

Read me first please......

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What is this forum about?

This is an online forum (aka panel, bulletin board…) exclusively for us Josephians for communication and the exchange of ideas.

How is this different from WhatsApp and Facebook?

WhatsApp is an app on your smartphone and messages are instant and intrusive (an alert tone on your phone). It is a great instant communication and 吹水 tool but not good for archiving. If someone had given a recommendation for a good restaurant but you have forgotten, it is hell scrolling through pages and pages of texts. Also, another shortcoming of WhatsApp is that you can have multiple people chatting on different topics but they are all crunched in together in one linear conversation.

Facebook is good if you are a regular FB users, it is non-intrusive but is also terrible for archiving and retrieving past posts and information.

The online forum is good in separating discussions into subjects and topics, and very good for archiving. There is also the search function you can search information by keywords.

Do I need to ‘join’ this forum? Is there a log on?

Yes. That’s to prevent spammers and bots from attacking it and inundating us with advertising and junk. If you have been around chances are you have already been added automatically as a member (you would have received an email with your log on name and password on it). If you are reading this and not yet a member, please send an email to and we will add you.

What qualifies me as a member?

Only alumni and ex-faculty of St. Joseph’s College are welcome. This forum is started and maintained by the SJC74 group but we welcome brothers (and....uh... sisters) of other years.

So many channels…. WhatsApp, Facebook, forum… which is the right place to chat?

There are no set rules, these are some examples of what to post:

For WhatsApp, items of a spontaneous nature, for example:
• “good morning guys, beautiful day?”
• “who wants to meet for lunch?”
• “I am at the pier, where is everybody?”
• “hey I forgot, how much do you tip for a happy ending?”
• Pictures of food or naked women

For Facebook, for example:
• “just visited the brothers and they are doing well….”
• Announcement of group event and details
• “just reconnected with our lost brother Alvin Lam!”
• Pictures of food or naked women

For the Forum, subjects that may generate a lot of interest and discussions, for example:
• Politics
• Religion
• Women

And items that is of value at a later date, for example:
• “Would someone recommend a good looking eye-doctor?”
• “Who can recommend some colleges in the UK for my kids?”
• The best place to go 洗車底 in SZ?
• Pictures of food or naked women

Well, you get the idea.....

What are the rules of the forum?

The great thing about growing old is that you can do whatever the hell you want without having to get permission from your parents. As admins, we are here to serve you so don’t expect any parenting. There are no stinking rules, no censorship, and you can say and post whatever the fuck you want. However, we do live in a civilized society and we are all classy guys (with a few exceptions…) so some basic social courtesy is expected, disagree and argue all you want but if you start an unjustified, personal attack on a brother, we as admins may not do anything but you may get the shit kicked out of you by other brothers. So be warned.

Can I change my username, password and email address?

Yes, once you log on, there will be a “user control panel” (upper left) you can access to change your information. We highly recommend that you change your password from the one we have assigned you.

How much privacy is here? Can a non-member read the posts?

You must be logged in to see/read any post. The only thing a "guest" (without logging on) can see is this "READ ME FIRST" post you are reading here.

Can I post pictures?

Yes, you can place pictures "inline" (as in here) by uploading them or linking it to an URL (note that they have a size limitation so you may have to tune it a bit before uploading it)

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How do I “follow” a post? Or get notification when someone posted a reply?

You can follow any particular post by clicking on the “subscribe post” (lower left). You will get notification by email once someone replies.

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Similarly, you can subscribe to any forum or sub-forum by clicking on the "subscribe forum" (lower left). You will get notification by email once someone post anything new.

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